Getting Started


NuxtHub helps you build full-stack applications on the Edge.

NuxtHub aims to provide a complete backend experience for Nuxt apps, allowing developers to build full-stack applications on the Edge, read more about Nuxt on the edge.

It is currently made to be deployed on Cloudflare Pages as it leverages many Cloudflare features such as KV, D1, and R2. We are looking to support other platforms in the future.


NuxtHub provides multiple features to help you build full-stack applications:

  • SQL database to store your application's data with hubDatabase()
  • Key-Value to store JSON data accessible globally with low-latency with hubKV()
  • Blob storage to store static assets, such as images, videos and more with hubBlob()
  • Cache storage to cache your server route responses or functions using Nitro's cachedEventHandler and cachedFunction

Each storage utils is auto-imported and configured to be used in your Nuxt's server directory.

NuxtHub comes with a powerful proxy system to connect to your project's resources from your local environment, allowing you to work with your remote storage as if it was local with npx nuxi dev --remote.


We plan to provide a complete backend experience for Nuxt apps through various @nuxthub packages.

  • @nuxthub/core: Main package to provide storage features
  • @nuxthub/auth: Add authentication for user management (soon)
  • @nuxthub/email: Send transactional emails to your users (soon)
  • @nuxthub/analytics: Understand your traffic and track events within your application and API (soon)
  • @nuxthub/...: You name it!
We are currently in the early stages of development (beta) and are looking for feedback from the community. If you are interested in contributing, please join us on nuxt-hub/core.





The NuxtHub admin is a web based dashboard to manage your NuxtHub apps. It helps you deploy your NuxtHub apps with a single command on your Cloudflare account while provisioning all the necessary resources for you. It abstracts the complexity of managing full-stack Nuxt applications on Cloudflare.


  • Link your Cloudflare account and stay in control, we never mark-up Cloudflare prices
  • Deploy your application with nuxthub deploy command
  • Relax while it provisions all the necessary resources (database, kv, blob)
  • Manage your app's resources with an admin panel
  • Visualize application, database, and cache metrics
  • Give access to team members to manage the application without sharing your Cloudflare account
  • Monitor your application with logs and analytics