Build, deploy & manage
Nuxt apps, globally.

NuxtHub is a deployment and administration platform for Nuxt, powered by Cloudflare.
Deploy your app with a database, key-value and blob storage with zero configuration, on your Cloudflare account.
NuxtHub lets you affordably run your high performance Nuxt apps everywhere.
  • Automatic scaling

    Automatic scaling

    Traffic is routed and load balanced across thousands of servers. Sleep well as your Nuxt app scales.

  • Exceptionally affordable

    Exceptionally affordable

    First 100,000 requests each day are free. Cloudflare paid plan starts at $5 for 10 million monthly requests.

  • Performant global network

    Performant global network

    Your Nuxt app is deployed on the entire edge network and runs within milliseconds of your users worldwide

  • No servers to maintain

    No servers to maintain

    Spend more time building, less time configuring. No VMs, no servers, and no containers to spin up or manage.

Ready to use

Deploy a Nuxt application in one minute.

The NuxtHub Admin is made to simplify your experience with NuxtHub, enabling you to effortlessly manage teams and projects, as well as deploying NuxtHub application with zero-configuration on your Cloudflare account.
  • Link your Cloudflare account

    Link your Cloudflare account

    Create an API token on Cloudflare with our pre-filled template.

  • Create a Nuxt app

    Create a Nuxt app

    Start from our templates or import your GitHub repository.

  • Deploy it

    Deploy it

    Run the nuxthub deploy command or use the Cloudflare Pages CI/CD.

  • Share it to the world

    Share it to the world

    Get insights and manage your storage in NuxtHub.

NuxtHub Database

A scalable database for your Nuxt application.

NuxtHub Database unlocks the power of Cloudflare D1 to give you access to a serverless SQL database, with zero configuration. Scale and manage effortlessly, and pay only for what you use.
hubDatabase() server composable
Database browser powered by Drizzle Studio
Nuxt Devtools integration
A <span class="text-primary">scalable database</span> for your Nuxt application.
Database pricing section background

Rows read

5 million / day

Rows written

100,000 / day


5 GB (total)

NuxtHub Blob

Add file uploads to your Nuxt application.

NuxtHub Blob lets you to store and access media files on a global network, thanks to Cloudflare R2 Let users upload data like images, videos and audio files with our server composable with our blob validator.
hubBlob() server composable
Dashboard to upload and manage files
Manage blobs in the Nuxt Devtools
Add <span class="text-primary">file uploads</span> to your Nuxt application.
Blob pricing section background

Class A operations

1 million requests / month

Class B operations

10 million requests / month


10 GB / month

NuxtHub KV

A Global Key-Value Database for Nuxt.

NuxtHub KV leverages Cloudflare Workers KV to access a global, low-latency, key-value data storage across 300+ global locations. Access it in your Nuxt codebase, with zero-configuration.
hubKV() server composable
Key-Value storage visual browser
Manage KV storage in the Nuxt Devtools
A Global <span class="text-primary">Key-Value Database</span> for Nuxt.
KV pricing section background


100,000 / day


1,000 / day


1,000 / day


1,000 / day


1 GB

Remote Storage

Works locally as a team with shared data.

NuxtHub grants the ability to access your remote storage from your local environment or from external Nuxt projects. This is made possible by our secured proxy system.
Work as a team on the same database
Apply migrations or scripts to your remote storage
Lock/Unlock access to your production with one click
Works locally as a team with <span class="text-primary">shared data</span>.
Tailored section background
All-in-one tool

Tailored features for Nuxt developers

NuxtHub provides you with all the tools you need to build and deploy your Nuxt apps, globally.

Storage regionStorage region

Choose one of the five Cloudflare regions to place your D1 and R2.

Environment variablesEnvironment variables

Securely store secrets, API keys, tokens, and other environment variables.

Production / StagingProduction / Staging

Switch between your production or staging deployments & resources.

Custom domainsCustom domains

Set your custom domain or use our domain for free.

NuxtHub templatesNuxtHub templates

Quick start your next project using one of our ready-to use templates.

Real-time logsReal-time logs

Access to your Nuxt server logs in real-time for debugging purpose.

Import from GitHubImport from GitHub

Select a repository from your GitHub account and deploy it globally.

Nuxt DevToolsNuxt DevTools

Manage your NuxtHub database, kv & blob in the Nuxt Devtools.
Wall of love

Testimonials from early adopters

NuxtHub empowers developers to ship full-stack Nuxt applications with zero configuration, hear what they think about it.
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Cloudflare’s Workers LaunchPad

NuxtHub is part of the Cloudflare’s Workers Launchpad Cohort to make sure you get a first-class experience on top of Cloudflare’s network.
Nuxt on Cloudflare infra with minimal effort - this is huge!
Evan You

Evan You

Author of Vue.js and Vite.

I love the polish and the batteries-included approach. NuxtHub takes web framework and hosting integration to a new level!
Igor Minar

Igor Minar

Software Engineer at Cloudflare

NuxtHub is hands down the easiest way to get a project from zero to production on the Cloudflare stack!
Charlie Hield

Charlie Hield

Senior Creative Technologist

I can't find an excuse to not go full-stack with Nuxt from now on. Ship fast the Nuxt way, zero config. Just plug & deploy.
Israel Ortuño

Israel Ortuño

Co-founder of VueJobs

Took me less than 90 seconds to deploy an app with DB, KV, File storage and Caching, all on the edge with just a single command.
Fayaz Ahmed

Fayaz Ahmed

Indie Hacker

Nuxt is becoming the best framework for bootstrappers imo. NuxtHub is a layer on top of Cloudflare services for cheap & fast full-stack edge hosting.
Tommy J. Vedvik

Tommy J. Vedvik

UX Developer

I love how NuxtHub combines, amplifies and simplifies the Cloudflare tooling with the wide and mature Nuxt ecosystem. I cannot wait to see how it will evolve and expand in the future!
Dario Piotrowicz

Dario Piotrowicz

Web Developer at Cloudflare

Just deployed my first site to Cloudflare using NuxtHub. Very sleek experience!
Markus Oberlehner

Markus Oberlehner

Web Developer

It's amazing to be able to run a single command and get existing Nuxt project deployed on edge within minutes! It felt like unlocking the missing infrastructure and UI for Cloudflare, enhancing the developer experience in such an extraordinary way.
Anthony Fu

Anthony Fu

Core team Vue.js, Vite & Nuxt

NuxtHub and Cloudflare are my go to for full stack apps. The DX is joyous and far superior to any other platform I've used. My team is able to iterate quickly, and build beautiful, performant apps with ease.
Jonathan Beckman

Jonathan Beckman

Founder of GuaranTee Time