Hello World Template

Hello Edge is our minimal Nuxt template to get started with server-side rendering on the Edge.
This template is a great starting point for your next Nuxt project. It's simple, fast and ready to be deployed to the Edge.

Minimal by design

This template is a minimal Nuxt project with no storage, just a simple "Hello from the Edge 👋" message that you can configure with an environment variable:

NUXT_PUBLIC_HELLO_TEXT="My custom message!"

We enabled the Nuxt 4 upcoming directory structure, ESLint and the Nuxt Devtools for a great developer experience.

The source code is open source and available on GitHub at nuxt-hub/hello-edge.

Deploy with one-click

From now on, you can deploy this template to the Edge (globally, all over the world) with a single click directly from the NuxtHub Admin:

Checkout the demo of the project from the video at vue.nuxt.dev.
You can deploy this template on a free NuxtHub account and a free Cloudflare account.

You can also visit our templates page to get started.